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Daniele Marcheggiani is an Italian-Swiss actor and producer, born on December 21, 1967, in Davos (Switzerland).

A professional actor with years of experience in the film industry, Daniele is most known for his role as Emanuele, main character in the film “Ferite” (2022) directed by Vittorio Ranfranti, and for his interpretation of James, main protagonist of “Traces of Madness” (2020), a film by Michele Di Rienzo.

In the film “Village of the Vampire” (2020) directed by Roberto D’Antona, Daniele plays the role of Caleb’s father, whereas in “Fino all’Inferno” (2018), also by Roberto D’Antona, he interprets a special agent. In “Terry’s Show” (2022), a film directed by Matteo Ballarati and Federica Crippa, we see Daniele playing the role of prosecutor. With “Come l’ombra nel buio” (2019), a film directed by Alessandro Gessaga, Daniele won several awards, including two nominations at the Gold Movie Awards in London, for his interpretation of the main character Gustavo, a psychologist.


Daniele studied acting at the Actor Zone Studio of Acting in Milan, where he graduated under the mentorship of Actor Coach Alberto Viola. Daniele further perfected his acting skills at the EG Actors Lab in Rome.

Daniele debuted as an actor in 2017 with “Rimmel”, a pilot episode of a TV series.

Throughout his career, he played the role of protagonist in several short films, including “La strategia del prigioniero” (2018) by Gianluca Testa, “La melodia della guerra” (2018) by Francesco Castagnino, “The Marriage” (2018) by Alessandro Urbinati, “Il sogno è destino” (2018) by Sofia Fioranelli, and “Map to the Stars” (2019) directed by Federica Crippa.


Additionally, he took part in many other short films, playing the roles of prosecutor in “Art. 640” (2019) by Matteo Ballarati, inspector in “Il Peccato Originale” (2018) by Nicolò Novara, father in “Grace e l’Hikikomori” (2017) by Patrick Parkietny and in “The Future is Mine” (2018) by Luca Barera, doctor in Jary Brontesi’s “Drones” (2018), and manager in the TV series “Balla” (2018) directed by Andrea Scarduzio.

Daniele also interpreted special characters, such as Ouroboros, a bipolar cocaine addict, in Alessandro Gessaga’s “Tempus Edax Rerum” (2018), and a circus performer in “Convivium”, a film by Arianna Casati.

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